L’Alliance Médicale Contre le Paludisme–Santé Population (AMCP-SP) is a national, humanitarian, medical, apolitical, non-profit, impartial and independent structure. It was born from the desire of individuals who shared the same vision and the same objectives for the greatest benefit of the population, in the strict respect of universal medical ethics and professional deontology, in order to save human lives and alleviate their suffering, in situations of conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters.

The AMCP-SP is an association created in 2010. In its evolution, it was set up as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in 2014 and in 2018, the structure was registered under the new name “Alliance Médicale Contre le Paludisme-Santé Population”.


Their Vision

"A Mali without violence, without discrimination, that ensures permanent access to health care for vulnerable groups and that has a functional mechanism for the care of disaster victims".

Their mission

To help relieve human suffering and give hope.

AMCP-SP is active in several regions/clusters in Mali. South: Kita, Dioila, Koulikoro, Fana, Kangaba, Kalaban coro, Kati and in the Centre: Bandiagara, Bankass, Douentza and Koro.

The structure is committing to establishing partnerships with other international organisations in Africa and in the world. The intervention strategies are based on local technical assistance, à la carte intervention (according to the needs of the partners), the development of local skills, synergy of actions for the sustainability of achievements with the technical structures of the State, international NGOs, communities, the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation system adapted and capitalisation.

Their environmental action

Within the framework of a project (USAID/High Impact Health Services (HIHS), AMCP-SP carried out activities related to the environment and climate. It trained its staff on mitigating the impacts of interventions on the environment. Following this, mitigation measures were applied by the staff in the health areas supported by the project – in 115 Community Health Centres (CSCom) which were subject to monthly monitoring of the implementation of mitigation actions.

Our partnership

In order to accelerate climate action and resilience to climate change within national NGOs in Africa, AMCP-SP became a partner of the Climate Action Accelerator in January 2023. The association is committed to moving towards a sustainable, resilient and low-carbon development model, while strengthening its medical action in favour of populations and communities and its capacity to respond to and prepare for the consequences of global warming.

In addition to participation in the three pillars of the initiative, this partnership includes:

  • a commitment to pursue a sustainable, resilient and low-carbon development model
  • regular, transparent and public measurement of its environmental impact
  • participation in a collective cycle with other similar partners to build together a tailored roadmap and priority implementation projects

Cover photo © AMCP-SP