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The Climate Action Accelerator gives you the opportunity to become a partner and join efforts with other organisations taking action, in a win-win perspective. 

Our partners' commitments

All partner organisations operate within a comprehensive environmental approach that ensures the well-being of present and future generations.

Discover our partners' engagements
  • -50% by 2030

  • Without compensation

Being a partner means to

  • Act on your own organisation to halve emissions by 2030

  • Share solutions as a common good

  • Leverage your peers, initiate a domino effect and reach tipping points

  • Take part in a community of practice and action


Based on their values and environmental commitments, partners of the Climate Action Accelerator initiative share the following objectives.

  • Accelerate

    The reduction of their carbon emissions in line with the Paris agreement, without taking into account possible external offsets

  • Develop

    Operational solutions to reduce their environmental footprint while strengthening their ability to fulfil their mission

  • Publish

    The measurement of their direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and the progress made

  • Share

    Their know-how, tools and experiences in open-source on solutions to the ecological crisis, contributing to a common good freely available to all

  • Engage

    New aid actors to join and scale up the effort to transition to a low-carbon society

Join the initiative

By coming on board of the initiative, you would publically commit to at least halve your carbon emissions by 2030, share your experience with a community of practice, be transparent on results and integrate other organisations into the initiative to ensure a domino effect. 


You will benefit from

  • A strategic opportunity to contribute to a universal collective goal – accelerating climate stabilisation – and play a part in tipping society into direct action. 

  • The membership of an emerging cross-sector, transnational community of practice, sharing climate solutions as a free common good. A space where frontrunners and newcomers collaborate.

  • Concrete access to a one-stop-shop support service with toolkits, resources and expertise.

  • Guidance in setting strategic objectives and realising roadmaps and action plans.  

  • A reputational gain, with the role of “champion” in your own ecosystem, high visibility for your climate action, progress and results.

  • A return on investment higher than the contribution required by an alternative investment in-house. 

  • Through our partnership with the global UN Race to Zero campaign, you will join forces with the UNFCCC’s cross-sector collaborative effort to reach the Paris Agreement goals. You will gain access to the latest climate science and best practices for mitigating climate change and building resilience within the communities you serve. 

How to join?

In order to join the Climate Action Accelerator, organisations must first commit to these essential principles, which are in line with the Paris Agreement and are the key to unlocking an ecological transition within an organisation and its ecosystem:

Science-based reduction targets (i.e. -50% by 2030 on a net zero trajectory) without compensation

Be accountable and transparent on their environmental impact and progress, share their tools and experience as a common good

Encourage other actors in their ecosystem to rapidly scale up the transition to a low-carbon society

Please get in touch with us, should you be interested in pursuing a partnership and taking action to reduce your organisation’s footprint. The Accelerator offers direct support to its partners, from the beginning stage of taking strategic net-zero commitments to the phase of implementing climate solutions. #TogetherTowardsNetZero 

Take a further look around this online platform or follow us on social media to see what our partners are up to for some inspiration.  


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