The KEOOGO association is a Burkinabe organisation officially recognised in 2004 whose core mission is to offer, through targeted and efficient partnerships, protection and rehabilitation services to particularly vulnerable children. The term KEOOGO in the Mossi language of Burkina Faso means “space of initiation”, a framework for socialisation and transmission of societal values to facilitate the transition from childhood to adulthood, which corresponds to the period of maturity and responsibility. The KEOOGO Association is part of a holistic dimension of child protection in collaboration with state institutions, technical and financial partners and associations pursuing the same goals.


“A society where all children enjoy their rights fully.”

© KEOOGO - Children training in self-protection

Their activities and expertise

  • Medico-psychosocial and legal care for children and promotion of access to protection services
  • Supporting families and communities to improve the situation of children and setting up community child protection mechanisms
  • Training actors on children’s rights and raising community awareness;
  • Training women leaders to detect and refer victims to protection structures,
  • Care for children in situations of migration and humanitarian crises and internally displaced persons
© KEOOGO - Photo of the Beoog-tienbo village

KEOOGO projects

Beoog-tienbo Village

The Beoogo-tienbo village, operational since October 2019, is an entity of KEOOGO which includes a reception centre for young girls, a crèche, a nursery school, a gardening and farming unit. The village offers girls and their children comprehensive care: food, health, psycho-social, medical, school, vocational training, cooking, literacy and socio-professional and economic reintegration. It also provides a healthy and protective environment to stimulate and support the development of the girls’ children.

The medical centre of Keoogo 

The medical centre of KEOOGO has been operational since 2011 and includes several clinical services and a shed for awareness-raising meetings. The centre is also specialised in the treatment of gender-based violence. It not only provides access to care for people excluded from the medical care system, such as street children and internally displaced persons, but also for the people living near the medical centre.

KEOOGO's environmental action

The protection of the environment is one of KEOOGO’s priorities. This interest is materialised in its interventions through the practice of animal husbandry, gardening, and modules given to the residents on the protection of the environment, more specifically the recovery of everyday objects for decorative purposes. Thus, agroecology is practised daily by the residents under the guidance of an agroecology facilitator and the accompaniment of mother educators who have experience in market gardening. In addition, the entire complex, i.e. the medical centre, the girls’ reception and accommodation centre, the training rooms, the nursery school, etc., is powered by solar energy. Initiatives are underway to use this energy to run the garden.

Our partnership

In order to accelerate climate action and resilience to climate change within national NGOs in Africa, KEOOGO became a partner of the Climate Action Accelerator in January 2023. The association is committed to moving towards a sustainable, resilient and low-carbon development model, while strengthening its medical action in favour of populations and communities and its capacity to respond to and prepare for the consequences of global warming.

This partnership includes :

  • a commitment to pursue a sustainable, resilient and low-carbon development model
  • regular, transparent and public measurement of its environmental impact
  • participation in a collective cycle with other similar partners to build together a tailored roadmap and priority implementation projects
  • and participation in the three pillars of the initiative

Cover photo © KEOOGO