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Understanding the Climate Action Accelerator with Bruno Jochum, founder of the initiative

Episode 1

Only available in French.

In this episode, Bruno Jochum, founder of the initiative, explains the birth of the Climate Action Accelerator, the added value of the initiative, why and how to join.

There is a huge untapped potential for action in climate action: intermediary organizations (e.g. from civil society, hospitals and universities, territories and professional networks…) whose power of influence on society and contributions to GHG emissions have been largely overlooked. Any partner organization of the Climate Action Accelerator places its action within a sustainable environmental framework that ensures the well-being of current and future generations.

We aim to:

  • Empower organizations to at least halve their emissions by 2030, through a hub of expertise and resources.
  • Transform them into ambassadors of change within their networks, capable of driving their ecosystems.