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MSF OCG’s climate and environmental roadmap is launched

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After a year of co-construction, in October 2022, MSF OCG published its environmental roadmap, moving forward in this ambition of halving its carbon footprint by 2030.

In light of global warming and the environmental crisis, MSF OCG endeavours to respond to the related growing humanitarian consequences and health impacts on the most vulnerable communities, while at same time reducing the organisation’s climate and environmental footprint. MSF OCG will bear witness to the consequences of the climate crisis on the health and wellbeing of our patient populations.

The roadmap, developed jointly in partnership with the Climate Action Accelerator, sets out MSF OCG’s direction until 2030 in terms of what needs to be done to meet its environmental and climate goals. It provides a detailed and strategic framework for measuring, planning and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and impacts related to local environmental degradation.

Discover more about MSF OCG’s Climate & Environment roadmap

As we enter a “period of consequences”, the urgency to address our impact on the environment must not go unaddressed any longer. In the spirit of the Do No Harm principle, MSF has a social responsibility to seriously consider the way we are organised and manage our ecological footprint.

Extract from the foreword in MSF OCG’s Roadmap

MSF OCG’s dedicated Climate Emergency website

To find out more about the organisation’s commitments as well as the vision and approach to tackling the climate crisis, explore their newly launched dedicated website.

Visit MSF OCG’s official Climate Emergency website


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