terre des hommes schweiz

terre des hommes schweiz empowers young people in Africa, Latin America and Switzerland. Together with them, the organisation fights poverty, violence and discrimination and stands up for the rights of children and young people and just North-South relations. Its core competence lies in participatory and solution-oriented work with young people. 


terre des hommes schweiz officially partnered with the Climate Action Accelerator in July 2021. The collaboration on the methodology started in July and finished in September. Building the roadmap started in October 2021. 

Environmental commitment

terre des hommes schweiz is committed to climate justice and supports young people in Switzerland and in project countries in their commitment. In their countries of operation, the organisation supports young people in creating a sustainable basis for their lives through farming that is as ecological as possible.

In Switzerland, terre des hommes schweiz is a member of the Climate Alliance and are calling on Swiss politicians to take measures, such as higher taxes on fuel and levies on air tickets. Internationally, as a member of the Ethos Foundation, it supports the Carbon Disclosure Project, which requires listed companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As a partner of the initiative, terre des hommes schweiz has committed to halving its CO emissions by 2030. 


Development of the environmental roadmap

Cover photo © Annette Mokler/tdh schweiz.