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Geneva Centre for Security Policy

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) is an international foundation established in 1995 with 52 member states for the primary purpose of promoting peace, security and international cooperation through executive education, applied policy research and dialogue. The GCSP trains government officials, diplomats, military officers, international civil servants,and NGO and private sector staff in pertinent fields of international peace and security.

Key figures

  • Number of member states: 52 countries + Canton of Geneva (2022)
  • Number of alumni: 10000
  • Expenditures: 15 096 776 CHF (2021)
  • Budget: 15 097 995 CHF (2021) 


The Climate Action Accelerator was created and incubated within the GCSP’s Creative Spark in 2019. In January 2022, the GCSP formally declared its intention to partner with the Climate Action Accelerator. It has committed to collaborating with the initiative in the development of its own environmental roadmap. 

Environmental commitment

Moving forward with the Climate Action Accelerator, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy is committed to strengthening the sustainability of its activities, by reducing its environmental impact and accelerating its transition to a low greenhouse gas emission organisation. 

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The GCSP pledges, in particular: 

  • To adopt a quantified decarbonisation target of 50% of its direct and indirect emissions by 2030, integrating the elements of the scientific consensus and in line with the objectives of the Paris climate agreement;  
  • To share with the Climate Action Accelerator community the experience and tools of the organisation that contribute to the objectives pursued, thus contributing to a common good available to all on sustainable solutions and approaches to the ecological crisis; and 
  • To be transparent in making public their emission reduction measures and their progress. 

of the environmental roadmap

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