Tdh Foundation's Roadmap
Pinky Mandal, 12 years old seventh standard school girl at Kuppa village under Malda District of West Bengal, India is playing with her friends in the river.

Tdh Foundation’s Roadmap

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Taking note of the scientific consensus and the urgent call to action, Tdh Foundation has committed to and is taking action to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030.

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis. Every day, millions of children are experiencing the devastating impacts of climate change. According to UNICEF, 2 billion children are in danger of one of the climate change and environment effects such as floods, droughts, fires, heatwaves and more. Tdh Foundation Roadmap

Tdh Foundation’s footprint

TdhF’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2021 are estimated at a total of 18’500 tonnes CO2 equivalent. The carbon footprint is particularly concentrated in three categories of emissions: travel (27%), purchase of goods and services (46%, including capital assets and inputs) and freight (14%). These account for almost 87% of the organisation’s total emissions.


Tdh Foundation's global footprint

Tdh Foundation's footprint reduction strategy

To reduce its footprint, Tdh Foundation has identified 28 solutions targeting the following domains: transport, purchase of goods and services, energy, waste, ecosystems, digital and transversal solutions on good practices.


Priority solutions

The key to success for the emissions reduction target over the next 7 years lies in 8 main climate solutions. In addition to these priority solutions for carbon reduction, 5 other solutions are considered essential to reduce local environmental degradation resulting from Tdh’s field activities.

Decarbonisation trajectory

In a business-as-usual scenario, Tdh’s emissions would reduce over the coming decade based on its financial growth projections and inflation, but not at the rate required. Halving emissions means drastically decoupling the evolution of emissions from the volume of its operations.

Tdh Foundation has committed to and is taking action to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to its baseline emissions in 2021, excluding any accounting of carbon offsets.



Tdh Foundation's Roadmap

Emissions, targets and reductions by 2030

Baseline emissions (2021 footprint): 18,500 tCO2e

Emissions projected in 2030: 9,250 tCO2e (-49.75% compared to 2021 baseline)

Estimated business as usual emissions (in 2030): 16,136 tCO2e

Total avoided emissions 2023-2030: 29,700 tCO2e

Tdh Foundation’s Roadmap summary

Tdh Foundation's Roadmap summary
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