« The most vulnerable people in conflict areas are the hardest hit by climate change and are among the most neglected by climate action. We call for a reversal of this trend. And we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, for example by halving our greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2018 levels. We are engaging with the Climate Action Accelerator to achieve this. »

Peter Maurer


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« It is action that changes humanity’s beliefs. It changes our own beliefs when we act and it changes the beliefs of others. You are powerful agent of change serving humanity. Your understanding of what to do and why is transformative to so many. Thank you. »

Paul Hawken


They support us



Our partners

Their commitment

Acknowledging the historic climate crisis unfolding and the latest scientific warnings and consensus surrounding it,

Aware of its gravity, of the existing and future human impacts, and of the imperative need for all actors tions to place their action within a sustainable environmental framework that ensures the well-being of current and future generations,

Based on their values and environmental commitments, partners of the Climate Action Accelerator initiative share the following objectives.

Main activities


Empower organisations to at least halve their emissions by 2030
  • Inform on risks, opportunities and benefits
  • Simplify the measurement of emissions reductions
  • Support with playbooks, best practices and resources
  • Advise decision makers on the formulation of science-based roadmaps


Invite organisations to publicly commit to reducing their emissions and become champions of change within their networks and influence others
  • Commit organisations to at least halve their emissions by 2030
  • Build their capacity to influence their own ecosystems
  • Provide visibility to attract more organisations towards exemplary action


Build a global community of action, sharing climate solutions as a universal common good to scale up their implementation
  • Share know-how and experience through an open cooperative platform
  • Identify new solutions to common challenges
  • Animate a community of action rewarding member organizations for progress

Target sectors




We initially prioritize 3 specific service sectors. Why ?

The highest amplification potential

They have the highest amplification potential, in terms of trustfulness, reach - local, national, international - and connectedness, as they provide care, protect, generate knowledge, and prepare future generations. They rank among the five most trusted sectors in society, and are often viewed as role models, acting with integrity. Their leadership on climate action is most likely to inspire emulation by others, and throughout society. 

Each of these sectors makes sizable contributions to GHG emissions

Globally, the healthcare sector represents 5% of total emissions – the world’s fifth-largest emitter if it were a country, of which 70% are attributable to supply chains, which are a leading source of emissions for aid organisations, transporting relief items around the world. They can also reduce their carbon footprint by “building back better”. In the education sector, energy consumption and travel are a leading source of emissions. Increases in international student mobility have emerged as a major source of GHGs, contributing more than the annual emissions of many countries.

Solutions are easily transferable, with adaptations, across these three sectors

They represent major service sector organizations with missions of public interest. The service sector plays an increasing role in economies around the world and is responsible for a growing share of direct and indirect emissions, attributable to a variety of factors (buildings, food, transport, digital, supply chain, waste, land management). These are key climate action levers to curb emissions from the demand side of the equation. Based on similarities among these three sectors, the Climate Action Accelerator will activate the same fundamental levers for climate action, allowing cross-sector fertilization, synergies and economies of scale.

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