Our approach

To catalyse rapid and radical change, the Climate Action Accelerator's approach is based on the following principles

How we trigger change?

Our theory of change

The Climate Action Accelerator acts as a radical catalyst for change, by “tipping the middle of society” into action through five sequential steps.


Remove barriers to action for aspiring leaders

We can overcome psychological barriers or obstacles to change, and inspire action, by giving rapid access to tailor-made and scalable climate solutions. We can showcase that climate action can be simple, feasible and beneficial, spreading rapidly positive social norms among decision-makers, colleagues, and peers.


Act at the organisation’s level

The most influential level for climate action to maximise reach. Community organisations can point the way forward by figuring out the economics of change, involve employees, and impact not only their lives and beliefs, but also tens of additional people. Beneficiaries, clients, suppliers, partners and peers can follow a similar path. If they did it, why can’t we?


Prioritise 3 trustworthy sectors

Aid, Health and Education & Research - for their critical and long-neglected amplification potential, the social trust they inspire, their significant contributions to carbon emissions, and our experience in these fields.


Initiate a domino effect

Through their networks to leverage on social tipping points, whereby a small initial action drives a self-reinforcing and amplifying process. These organisations will act as “vectors of change”, to replicate their commitment within their respective spheres of influence and get more organisations on board, for an exponential impact.


Act in multiple contexts

To achieve global impact. While acting in high-emitting societies, we will also target emerging countries (in Asia, Africa and Latin America), because this is where greenhouse gas emissions will increase most in the next decade, and where climate adaptation and resilience need will be the greatest.

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