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join THe climate action accelerator

The CAA gives you the opportunity to join efforts and partner on a pilot programme, in a win-win perspective.
Actively involved in the initiative, you will publically commit to at least halve your carbon emissions by 2030, share experience with a community of practice, be transparent on results and enrol other organizations in the initiative to ensure replication. 

Be part of it

You will benefit from:

A strategic opportunity to participate to a universal collective goal

– accelerating climate stabilization
– and contribute to tip society into direct action.

A space where frontrunners and newcomers collaborate together.

The membership of an emerging cross-sector, transnational community of practice, sharing climate solutions as a free common good.

Concrete access

Concrete access to a “one-stop-shop support service” with toolkits, resources and expertise.

Strategic decision-making advice

Strategic decision-making advice to set objectives setting, roadmaps and action plans.

A reputational gain

with a new role as a committed champion in your own ecosystem, high visibility provided to your climate action, progress and results.

Economies of scale

with a return on investment higher than the contribution required by an alternative investment in-house.

What to expect?

At the end of the next 3 years, we expect to have:

100 emblematic organizations per priority sector, engaged in halving their emissions by 2030.

30 organizations within each sector identified to become “champions”.

An international community of practice, fully effective in both high and low income countries.


What they have to say

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