Damien FRIOT

Damien Friot

Damien Friot is an associate expert with the Climate Action Accelerator, providing guidance on carbon footprint methodologies and analyses. He has been working in the fields of environmental and social assessment, innovation as well as entrepreneurship for the last 20 years.

Currently, Damien is a co-lead of a master class at EPFL on the Life Cycle Performance of product systems. He has adapted footprinting and economic-energy-environmental models (Life Cycle Assessment, Multi-Regional Input-Output Analysis) to multiple issues like sustainable investments, global value chains, or the valuation of natural, human and social capital. He has also been providing consulting services on product/corporate environmental strategy and reporting, as well as on the digitalization of environmental information to dozens of companies.

He has trained hundreds of professionals and master’s students, participated in normalization efforts on environmental product labeling and corporate footprinting as well as driven or participated in the development of a dozen of software for environmental assessment. Damien holds two BA (International Relations & Geography), two MSc (International economics & Environmental engineering and management), and a Ph.D. in Engineering.

Damien co-founded the following firms and organisations:


Ecometrics, where he is now working, focused on the development of quantitative methods and data for complex environmental and social issues


EA-Environmental Action, specialized in the development of plastic footprint methodologies


Quantis, one of the leading global firms in Life Cycle Assessment